Row By Row / April 2023

A few more zerks for more ROI.

The question isn’t why Drago corn heads have more maintenance, but why other brands don’t.

Producers who understand the importance of a well-adjusted planter for getting corn in the ground appreciate the value of a well-maintained corn head for getting it in the bin. Like a planter, a corn head is a precision instrument that needs to be maintained to continue running optimally.

“This is especially true for a Drago corn head,” says Dustin Bollig, VP of Sales and Marketing for Dragotec, USA. “Drago corn heads include yield-capture and durability features that are unique to our brand. And that means there are maintenance needs unique to our brand, too.

“Bottom line, Drago maintenance is all about ensuring the corn head continues to deliver more yield, added durability and maximum ROI,” says Bollig, who farms near Fenton, Iowa.

More Zerks

Bollig notes that Drago knife rollers must be greased every 20 hours of operation compared to Deere knife rollers which don’t. “That’s because Drago’s knife rollers are supported at the front rather than simply extending with no support. “Unsupported knife rollers add stress to their gearboxes and have the potential to spread and break.”

The comparison is about strength, durability and longevity, Bollig adds. “For the engineers at Olimac, which builds Drago corn heads, there is no compromise. And I know that’s what our customers expect and appreciate.”

Clear Debris

Drago also recommends that its self-adjusting deck plates to be periodically blown out with an air compressor to limit and clear any collection of debris that may hinder their performance.

“The self-adjusting deck plate mechanism is a simple, spring-loaded piston that requires little maintenance,” Bollig says. “The time you spend to assure optimum operation, which takes less than a minute per row, is like putting money in the bank.”

Added Durability

Bollig is quick to point out that in contrast to other brands, Drago’s efforts to build a more durable corn head includes features and components that reduce parts replacement, require less in-season maintenance and deliver greater peace of mind during harvest.

“The GT drive is gear-driven – including the auger,” he says. “There are no chains that stretch or sprockets that wear. You get added longevity with virtually no maintenance.

“And our gathering chains feature a grease-filled, seize-free tensioner, which seals out dirt and debris through the harvest season and increases the life of the chain.”

Component Protection

The Drago GT also features a maintenance-free, oil-immersed slip clutch that protects multiple components including chain drives, knife rollers, and chopper gearboxes. You get added protection without added maintenance.

“Producers must choose what is most important to them,” Bollig says. “Our research shows that growers who prefer full-line corn heads do so primarily for the availability of parts, while those who choose Drago primarily want more yield.

“Drago is a high-tech corn head that requires a little more maintenance. But that technology also delivers added yield, durability and return on investment. And until a full-line owner actually experiences a Drago, it’s tough for them to appreciate the significant benefits they can deliver.”

Drago durability is built in.

Most producers choose Drago corn heads because of their ability to capture more yield, but what they appreciate is that Drago delivers greater durability, too.

Along with high-quality materials, you’ll find precision engineering and exacting manufacturing, for optimum performance and exceptional harvest dependability, which add up to lower cost of ownership.

Here are just a few durability highlights of the Drago GT:

  • Main drive is gear-driven – entirely chainless.
  • Inline drive eliminates two gears per row.
  • Gear-driven auger.
  • Spiral-cut gears for added strength and longer life.
  • Multiple-component slip clutch for added protection.
  • Grease-filled gathering chain tensioner for extended chain life.
  • Laser-applied tungsten on knives perform better, last longer.
  • All bearings are the highest-quality U.S. made SKF bearings.
  • Every mechanized part is built and tested onsite, in the Olimac plant.

No other corn head is built like a Drago, or pays you back like one.