Today’s hybrids are bred to yield more, dry faster, shell easier, and withstand high populations.
Yet, most corn head brands have done little to harvest them. Drago corn heads are engineered with yield-saving features and durability you’ll find nowhere else.


Higher quality steel, gears milled to incredible tolerances, independent component clutches and more help create a corn head that not only performs better, but works longer.


There isn’t a corn head in the industry that harvests down corn better than a Drago. Features including the lowest profile and out-front-placed gathering chains take the stress and worry away from lodged and down corn.


Compare to Deere

If you believe nothing runs like a Deere, you haven’t run a Drago.
Compare these features and see for yourself.

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Compare to CASE IH

Case IH is a respected full-line brand, but can’t go head-to-head with a Drago.
Compare these features and see for yourself.

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Compare at a glance

Few corn head purchases deliver the return on investment of a Drago. With components including self-adjusting deck plates, overlapping gathering chains and longer knife rollers, Drago corn heads are so efficient, they can pay for themselves on the extra yield alone.

FeatureDrago GTDrago Series IIJohn Deere 700 SeriesCase IH 4000 Series
Deck Plates
QuadSuspension™ Ear shocksx
Automatic Self-Adjusting Deck PlatesxxHydraulic Operator-Adjusted Deck PlatesHydraulic Operator-Adjusted Deck Plates
Knife Rolls
Knife Roller Length22.5″22.5″18″18″
Lower Velocity Knife Rollersxx
Head Angle
ProfileLow ProfileLow ProfileSteep ProfileSteep Profile
Drive System
Primary Drive SystemAll Sizes Gear DriveGear Driven 12 Rows+Chain DriveChain Drive
Auger Fighting diameter20″13″18″17″
Auger DriveGearChainChainChain
Row Unit Gearboxes
BevelPrecise Spiral BevelPrecise Straight BevelSmall Straight BevelSmall Straight Bevel
Chopping Options
Twin Chop+ Optionx
Single Chop Optionxxxx
Independent Component Protectionx
Only One Slip Clutch Per Row Unitxxx
Manufacturer's Guarantee
Warranty1 Year Parts & Labor3 Year Parts & 1 Year Labor1 Year Parts & Labor1 year Parts & Labor
"We've Got Your Back" Parts Guarantee*xx

If, during harvest, any part is not available from an Authorized Drago Dealer, one of our North American Distribution centers or our North American headquarters, the replacement part and shipping are free.