Our corn heads prove their value in the field.

While capturing greater yield and ROI is the leading benefit of a Drago corn head, many farmers emphasize the things that don’t come with owning one: recurring maintenance, the stress of down corn and wondering whether equipment will hold its value.

Hear farmers across the nation describe the ease of purchasing a Drago corn head and how owning one has made a positive difference in their operation from their very first run. Your success story could be next.



Dave Opperman

While a skeptic at first, Dave soon realized the quality and performance of a Drago corn head. He especially appreciates that his Drago “didn’t require anything but service” and is “virtually maintenance free.”


Ryan Kohlhagen

Ryan and his brother Kent farm 3,400 acres, and Drago has been a game changer for them. From kernel capture to durability and longevity, the Kohlhagens have noticed a “night and day difference” from their old corn head brand.

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Tony Brown

Tony made the switch to a Drago corn head while harvesting down corn following heavy winds. When his Deere kept plugging up, Tony knew it was time to try Drago – and the yields paid off.


Mark Hiscocks

Mark is a repeat purchaser after experiencing the low maintenance and convenient operation of his Drago Series I. As a former farm mechanic, he says, “The self-adjusting deck plates are a no-brainer.”

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Daren Lauritsen

When it comes to efficiency and profitability, Daren knows a Drago corn head is the best option on the market. That’s why he’s been running one for 14 years.

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Stewart Ohrtman

Stewart has been impressed with how Drago corn heads hold their value. He’s even more impressed with the dealership support and access to parts he didn’t always get with traditional brands.

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Josh Koehn

Josh wasn’t sure much could be done about yield loss until he started running a Drago GT corn head. From the first run, no more kernels were pinging off his windshield.

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Kent Darby

Kent purchased his Drago midseason and says he “never ran a head that could harvest corn the way the Drago does.” Now, he’d never go back.


Don & Kyle Chirpich

On a generational farm, Don and Kyle embrace new equipment and technology for the present and future. Running a Drago corn head is a key part of their plan.

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Cole Anderson

Cole says there are few things as stressful for a farmer as harvesting down corn, which is why he utilizes a Drago corn head to capture as many bushels as possible.

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John & Jakob Wilson

The Wilsons appreciate how a Drago corn head works in various types of terrain and soils, consistently capturing more kernels and overall ROI. For John and Jakob, less corn on the ground is a welcome change.


L&O Acres

Kirby knows it takes passion to farm – but all the details make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful season. A Drago corn head helps ensure hard work pays off.


Wayne Leita

Wayne doesn’t let brand loyalty interfere with yield capture when it comes to harvest. Pairing a Drago GT corn head with his John Deere combine has been a welcome innovation in his equipment lineup.

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Don Anderson

Don estimates his Drago corn head saved him at least $30,000 in yield last year, a huge piece of his operation’s overall ROI.