Drago Series II is a great choice for any producer wanting to capture more at harvest with Drago's Kernel Capture Technology™. Its features and design revolutionized harvesting when Drago was introduced in North America in 2001 and its legendary performance still out yields all other competitive brands today.



Stalks spread the spring loaded deck plates open making thousands of decisions on each row, keeping ears and kernels from slipping through with no operator control required. University studies show that if the deck plates are off by 1/8", losses can reach up to 4 bu/acre


Longer Stalk Roller

Longer rolls with a lower profile gives Drago more time to process the plant, creating the ability to reduce roller tip speed and still maintain your ground speed. Longer knife rolls gives Drago the capability to reduce ear bounce, retain more ears and reduce overall shelling loss.


Overlapping Gathering Chains

Large idler sprockets are designed farther in front of the rolls, allowing the chain fingers to overlap in the front and fade away in the back. This lets the chain be aggressive in the front, then release the stalk so less trash is pulled into the machine.


Chopping Options

Drago engineers put yield first in any design including chop design. Drago's rear mounted chopping allows the ear to be harvested first before the stalk is chopped. So whether you have poor ear retention or down corn rest assured the stalk is not chopped prematurely and the ear is safetly harvested.

Low Head Angle

Our low profile allows ears to smoothly flow up the row unit and fight less gravity, preventing excessive chain shelling while the ear is being delivered to the auger.


Precision Gear Boxes

Why is the Drago Main Gearbox better than the competition? Precision engineering and manufacturing. It's the only corn head with gearboxes milled so precisely that no shimming is necessary to figure proper back lash setting. With no shims, this guarantees longer life and more durability.