A catalog of resources dedicated to helping you service your Drago Corn Head

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Carefully read and follow all safety messages in the operator manual and on your corn head safety decals. Keep all decals in good conditions. After viewing and reading the operators manual, if you do not fully understand all procedures please contact your local Drago dealer for more information on your Drago head.

Drago GT Service Videos

Title Service Type
Changing & Adjusting Adapter Adapter
Chopper Blade Flipping Chopping
New Blade Replacement Chopping
Chopper Block Replacement Chopping
Deck Plate Spring Tension Deck Plates
Deck Plate Cam Adjustments Deck Plates
Gathering Chain Wrench Gathering Chains
Gathering Chain Tension Gathering Chains
Changing Aggressive Gathering Chains Gathering Chains
Row Unit Cleaning Row Unit
Rock Guard Replacement – (30 inch Chopping Heads only) Row Unit
250 Hour Annual Service Schedule Service Schedule
20 Hour Service Schedule Service Schedule
100 Hour Service Schedule Service Schedule
Knife Adjustment Stalk Rollers

Drago Series I & II Service Videos

Title Service Type
Installing Head Adapter (Captions Only) Adapter
Auger Drive Chain Maintenance Auger
Auger Drive Chain Replacement Auger
Choppers – Seal Replacement Chopping
Choppers Removal/Install Chopping
Choppers – Flipping/Replacing Chopping
Choppers – Bearing Adjustment Chopping
Proper Deck Plate and Deck Plate Angle Adjustment Deck Plates
Deck Plate Maintenance Deck Plates
Folding Option Maintenance Folding
Gathering Chains – Wear Guide Replacement Gathering Chains
Gathering Chains – Upper Drive Sprocket Removal/Rebuild/Installation Gathering Chains
Gathering Chains – Idler Sprocket Replacement/Rebuild Gathering Chains
Gathering Chains – Aggressive Block Installation Gathering Chains
Gathering Chains – Adjustments/Replacement Signs Gathering Chains
Transfer to Main – Removal/Installation Gearbox
Transfer to Main – Rebuild Gearbox
Transfer Gearbox – Removal/Installation Gearbox
Choppers – Rebuild Gearbox
Main Row Unit Gearbox – Removal/Installation Gearbox
Main Row Unit Gearbox – Rebuild Gearbox
Transfer Gearbox – Rebuild Gearbox
Transfer Gearbox Maintenance & Slip Clutch Maintenance Gearbox
Oil Bath Maintenance Gearbox
Bubble Tip Adjustment Poly
Row Unit Cleaning Row Unit
Oil Bath Sprocket Replacement Row Unit
Slip Clutch Replacement Row Unit
Spread Row Unit Repair Row Unit
Heavy Duty Gearcase Information (If Equipped) Row Unit
Input Shaft Maintenance Row Unit
PTO Shaft Maintenance Row Unit
Heavy Duty Drive Maintenance Row Unit
Row Unit Gearcase Maintenance Row Unit
Pre-Season Service Schedule
250-Hour Service/Annual Service Service Schedule
100-Hour Service Schedule Service Schedule
50-Hour Service Schedule Service Schedule
20-Hour Service Schedule Service Schedule
Special Tools Service Schedule
Shaft and Coupler Maintenance Shaft
Heavy Duty Tow Shaft Removal and Reassembly Shaft
Input Shaft Bearing Replacement Shaft
Tow Shaft Speed Shaft
Stalk Rolls – Seal Replacement Stalk Rollers
Stalk Rolls-Roll Removal Stalk Rollers
Knife Roller Seal Replacement (Captions Only) Stalk Rollers
Knife Roller Adjustment (Captions Only) Stalk Rollers
Knife Roller Nose Cone Rebuild Stalk Rollers
Knife Roller Maintenance Stalk Rollers

Service Clinic Guides

GT Clinic Guide

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Series II Clinic Guide

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