Drago Series II Corn Head
4 - 24
20" - 40"
Poly Color Available
Fits All Combines
Designed to keep Ear Loss and Kernel Loss to a minimum in any Harvest Condition, with an Industry Unmatched Build Quality.
Seems like every corn head company now says they’re best at reducing header loss. Ask yourself: Do they have Kernel Capture Technology™? Automatic Self-Adjusting Deck Plates? The longest, slowest tip speed knife rolls combined with the lowest head angle? Aggressive overlapping gathering chains? This integrated precision technology has proven to reduce ear loss, butt-shelling and overall header loss all across the U.S.
Plus our durability, low maintenance costs and resale value have made Drago the preferred choice for smart, progressive corn growers. Our skyrocketing market share proves that. In tight management times like this, it’s no time to have a deaf ear or be colorblind. Drago Corn Heads are the best at reducing header loss for more grain in your bins and more money in your pocket. Period.
Because now more than ever, when corn pays the bills, every kernel counts!
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Ask and You Shall Receive.

Continuous Innovation is standard at Olimac. Since 1954, Olimac has been obsessed with perfecting corn harvesting. Grain savings is the driving force, Kernel Capture Technology™ the science, and Drago the incredible result.

Corn Growers Agree, Drago Makes the Difference.
Listen to fellow farmers give their opinions on Drago and how it increases their ROI.

Our Goal is to Provide The Best Corn Harvesting Experience
to Farmers in North America.