Knife Roller

Lower Velocity Knife Rollers

Drago's knife rollers help eliminate ear bounce and reduce butt shelling.


- Being up to 50 percent longer than traditional heads.

- Has a smaller diameter allowing for a slower tip speed.

- Drago maintains 11-12 mph tip speed vs. competition 16-26 mph.

- Has a knife-to-knife design pulling stalks straight down.

- The combination of the above produces a lower ear velocity.


Drago owners see a smoother less violent transition of the ear from plant to combine reducing butt shelling and grain loss.


The whole roller can be removed easily in about 5 minutes. Knives on the roller are adjustable and replaceable with a self-sharpening tungsten carbide edge for extended longevity. Grease intervals are weekly in normal conditions and daily in down corn.

We have shown you how Drago is easy on the ears. Now let us show you why its chains are aggressive with stalks. See How >>>