Main Gear Box

The Drago Main Gearbox

Durability is Standard

Unmatched Gearbox Performance

Our gearboxes are brilliantly designed and precisely engineered resulting in zero shims, reduced wear, increased reliability with less likelihood of overheating. This in turn improves overall performance for maximum life of the gearbox.

Component Driven

Engineered to be component driven, everything from the upper sprocet drive to the chopper system can easily be attached or removed with a few bolts directly into the main drive system. This creates an efficient and powerful gearbox.

High Quality Bearings

Durability and performance are always a priority. That's why we use bearings instead of cheap bushings in all Drago Corn Heads. High quality SKF bearings are utilized in all of our gearboxes and shaft supports. Bearings provide outstanding performance and longevity.

Direct Attachment

With the chopper system attaching directly to main gearbox, this maximizes power efficiency plus making it the easiest to service with only having four bolts to remove for direct access.


Our idler bearing is a replaceable sealed bearing for longer lasting life than competitors. The tensioner is greased once per season or every 250 hours to kep dirt out, chains tight and dramatically extend the life of the chain. Poly chain guides are also reversible on the Drago.