Gathering Chains

Aggressive Angled Gathering Chains

Drago's superior chain system is longer-lasting and works the best in all conditions than any other.


- Idlers extend far in front of rollers.

- Chain fingers overlap center of row unit.

- Hardened cast sprocket with a large replaceable SKF precision bearing.

- Five replaceable poly chain guides per chain.

- Chains fade away nearing the gearbox.


Owners are amazed at how well the Drago grabs stalks with it's aggressive fingers and chains, delivering superior performance in all stalk conditions. The V shape design also reduces trash from entering the combine.


Our idler bearing is a replaceable sealed bearing for longer lasting life than competitors. The tensioner is greased once per season or every 250 hours to kep dirt out, chains tight and dramatically extend the life of the chain. Poly chain guides are also reversible on the Drago.

The aggressive chains are not the only thing that makes the Drago capture all the corn, the components on the inside of the corn head are just as aggressive.  See How>>>