Deck Plates


Drago's Exclusive Automatic Self-Adjusting Deck Plates make thousands of critical decisions for you every time you cross the field.


- No hydraulics, electronics or operator guessing required.

- Each deck plates automatically adjusts by spring piston.

- Stalk spread deck plates to precise fit.

- Each row operates independently.

- Both sides adjust centering plant with the rolls.

- Deck Plates stay clean with constant movement.

- Rolled edge increases plant support and reduces leaf stripping.


Drago owners appreciate knowing that their deck plates are always set for varying stalk sizes and plant populations. Owners report 2-3 bushels an acre returns consistently.


Drago deck plates have triple life span compared to its competition due to the hardness of the plate and the forgiveness of the spring pistons. Greasing one to two pumps at the end of the season for moisture displacement during the winter. For more information check out our Start Up/Service DVD provided to all Drago owners.

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